CBC's The National

I began as an intern in June 2018, and was hired in July. While I was an intern, I was assigned tasks from executive producers and members of The National's digital marketing team. I researched, organized and helped produce daily episodes of CBC's The National. In this role, I've gotten to wear many hats, acting as a chase producer, social media manager, editor and pitched several of my own stories to be aired. I also help create the show's evening lineup, assisting both on and off set. 


Stories I've written: 

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Trump meets Putin: Here's how U.S. and Russian summits have varied since 1943

Since the Second World War, meetings between U.S and Russian leaders have varied from civil to hostile to downright bizarre.

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Thailand cave rescue inspires cartoons around the globe

The rescue mission that captured hearts around the world over the last two weeks might be over, but cartoons of hope and support are still flooding the internet.

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Segments I've helped produce: 

Panels I’ve helped create:

Short videos I’ve made: